You Warm My Heart

So, if you are like me right now you are running around like a crazy person trying to get everything done in the house. Getting all of your gifts bought and wrapped, going to concerts, parties, and still trying to your head above water with work! Well, I hear ya! So let’s just pretend I can send this card to everyone who is reading this, and you can just slow down and have a cuppa with me. My favorite tea this time of the year is Nutcracker Sweet. Have you had it before? I love it so much. A little bit of Christmas in every cup. I always write it out as Nutcracker Suite, which  always makes my friend laugh, and promptly correct me on FB. Right, Brenda?  You can’t quite take the musician out of me sometimes. Today I am peeking our new Avocado Arts set “Sweet Treat Sweetie” along with our current month’s set, “Brrr…and the Nerdy Snow Peeps”

The vintage look usually isn’t my go-to, but I just wanted to do something softer. This blog has seen too much red and pink lately. I had fun making this sweet glassine bag envelope that holds a tea bag. Such a nice way to give a quick little gift. Nothing new and impressive here, but I just really like how comforting this card looks.

I had a fun time with the twine on this card as well. I love the way twine makes a card feel. Home made and from the heart.

Go check out what the other Pit Crew Girls have in store for you today!

Kimberly Crawford, Julia Stainton , Latisha Yoast

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4 Responses to You Warm My Heart

  1. Patty says:

    Love this card; maybe the vintage look is my go to look, but that’s probably because I’m vintage myself. :-)

  2. Gorgeous Becky! I love that little tea bag addition and the beautiful colors!

  3. LOOOOOVE this card–beautiful pocket holding that tea bag! LOVE LOVE LOVE:)

  4. Carol R says:

    Wonderful card! I really like the image. Cute! Great color scheme too. And the little pocket on the front of this card is just perfect to send a small gift to a friend! Lovely!

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