Springtime Celebrations #2!

So I thought I would bring you a part two from yesterday’s post :) This is exactly the same 4×4 card layout with chevron pattern, but in different colors. I decided to make a set of cards with different focal points! This time I chose the Jellybeans from “Springtime Celebrations” and paired them with the jar from “Sweet Treat Sweetie” to make this fun little card. These are perfect cards to go with a bunch of flowers, or a plant that you may give for an Easter gift. Hope you enjoy it! Now, go off and see what the other ladies have created!

Avocado Arts Blog, Kimberly CrawfordAJ OttoLatisha Yoast,  Julia Stainton

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One Response to Springtime Celebrations #2!

  1. GET OUT! I absolutely love love love your creations! This is amazing! FAB!

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